If you want the most professional experience adopting a quality puppy, you need to work with Toni Pitbull breeders. From our first conversation one night in November 2020 to the moment we received Lisa , the most beautiful and healthy pitbull puppy you could ever had hoped for. Toni Pitbull breeders are the most reliable breeders in the world and so trustworthy and honest! Thank You Toni. You filled a massive void in my heart after losing our buddy after 13 years!
Kyle Simon
I purchased my little love after I had lost my husband. Her name was Daisy but she is now my little Bella. Our “gotcha day” was December 2, 2020. She has been the perfect little companion for me. She goes absolutely everywhere I go, or I don’t go. Thank you for such a beautiful little girl to give me all her unconditional love. Proud momma, Katherine
This was our first puppy. I feel so lucky that I found a honest breeder Toni. He was so nice and answered all my questions. We adopted Remi now Rufus. This whole process was so easy. We now have our new edition to our family. I have friends that have dogs and they said you are so lucky you got yourself a great puppy. Rufus is so adorable and smart. We look forward to having be apart of our family. We feel lucky to have found Toni he is great breeder!!
Tyler and Family
We feel very lucky to have found Toni Pitbull breeders. As first time dog/puppy owners, we had a LOT of questions. Toni has been so helpful and patient as we navigate puppy parenthood. They’re passionate about Pitbulls and truly care about the dogs they breed. (They’re taking our little Max when we go on vacation this summer!) We have the most adorable, hilarious puppy, and if/when we get another it will definitely be a Toni Pitbull breeders
Aj Jones
This has been the best experience. I could not have asked for a more healthier puppy. Charlie even came pre-loaded with fetch and can wink! The customer service was exceptional. They’ve checked in on me more times since Charlie has arrived then my family has. The vet said their health protocol was overly protective, but really appreciated the precautions they took. Thank you so so much for everything. You made my life so much happier!
I am so grateful for your work and this beautiful gift of Winnie. She has a heart of gold and is the most wonderful girl in the world… I am mindful of her age and I’m looking forward to receiving an order for your probiotics in June… I always follow your website for relaxation and from my love of Winnie. I hope you are well ….and thank you once again.
Louis Michiels